Our Mission

Our office is a provider of exceptional dental care and patient education.
We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and innovative dental treatment.
To encourage our patients to seek non-compromising care and educate them as to the benefits of “appearance-related” dentistry, which can improve their self-image and self-worth.

Why Does Everyone Say:

"It's So Easy Being a Patient in Your Office"

Our Doctor is easy to contact:   If you need to speak to Dr. George, He will return your call to address your concerns .

We Like To Explain Things: If you don't understand what the doctor or staff is telling you, we want you to let us know so we can do a better job of explaining things to you.

Dental Care Without Judgement: You don't need to be embarassed if you haven't seen a dentist in a long time. You will never be made to feel that you are a "bad" patient in our office!

We Have Lots of TLC To Give: If you're nervous, let us know, we will give you extra TLC.


Fear is without a  doubt the greatest barrier to patients seeking dental treatment. Whether it is due to bad past dental experiences, fear of the unknown, or concern that pain may still be felt even if numbed..... we take these fears very seiously. Modern local anesthetics and techniques that are used for numbing are adequete for most patients and procedures. It is our policy, however, that if a patient is still having discomfort or requires a break...... that the work will be stopped immediatly and comfort will be addressed first and foremost.